SKIN (2016)

SKIN (2016)

Produced by Christofer Frank

Lyrics written by Philipp Szalay
Music written by Farewell Dear Ghost

Philipp Szalay (Vocals, Guitars, Synths) 
Alex Hackl (Lead Guitars, Choir)
Philipp Prückl (Bass, Choir)
Andreas Födinger (Drums)
Christofer Frank, Georg Hartwig (Synths, Choir)
Paul Pfleger (Piano)

Recorded and engineered by Christofer Frank
Mixed by Prince Frequency

Mastered by Werner Weitschacher

Recorded during 2015 @ studio c-60, Graz and Recorder Studios, Judendorf, Austria
Mixed in Nov. 2015 @ studio c-60, Graz, Austria

Art Direction & Graphic Design by Lucas Gerstgrasser

© 2015 Farewell Dear Ghost, Ⓟ 2015 ink music